Anashi is committed to help indigenous communities that live through extreme poverty, illiteracy and food deficiencies. Through donations, sales of our products, fundraising, and education, women artisans and their families will have the opportunity of improving their living conditions and gaining socio-economic independence for better future opportunities.



Children are the future therefore, Anashi Foundation is committed to support the social integration and educational development of Wayuu children in La Guajira.

The aim is to provide school supplies and educational materials that support their learning skills, social integration and preservation of their official language “Wayuunaiki”

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”

(Nelson Mandela)


• Improve the living condition of artisans by implementing socio-economic and educational programmes.

• Establish alliances with international/national organizations, institutions, enterprises and private individuals that contribute to the promotion of Anashi’s social programmes.

• Implement training programmes with focus on handicraft’s skills development for more productivity, perfection and efficiency.

• Ensure the exchange of technical knowledge and experience among artisans, to facilitate the development of their artistic and creative skills.

• Increase the participation of local artisans in their communities through capacity building, design innovation & competitiveness.

• Boost rate of income that allow our artisans to have access to opportunities for economic development and social participation.

• Provide educational materials and school supplies to children in order to support their learning abilities.

• Increase competitiveness and commercialization of our artisanal products.

• Consolidate the artisanal skills as a tool to generate new jobs.