Anashi Foundation was funded upon a mission for implementing ethical trade policies, social responsibility, economic growth and sustainable development programmes to enhance the quality of life of the Colombian indigenous communities and artisans we work with.

Our mission is to strengthen and promote the rich cultural heritage and artistic techniques of Colombia’s ethnic groups and talented artisans, respecting their traditions, values and beliefs and transferring the ancestral artisanal techniques to future generations in order to keep the cultural traditions alive.

We focus on increasing the participation of women artisans by achieving a comprehensive sustained development that manifests itself in improving their standard of living, increased rate of income that allows them to have access to opportunities for economic development, education, social participation, and perfection of their artisanal techniques for more productivity and efficiency.

Anashi is committed to assist indigenous communities that live through extreme poverty, illiteracy and food deficiencies. Through donations, sales of our products, food and education programmes and economic empowerment, women artisans and their families will be able to become self-sufficient and take ownership of their own social and economic development which allows them to enhance their quality of life, increase social participation and integration within their communities and society in order to escape from extreme poverty conditions.



“Every time you make a purchase, you are supporting the work of talented artisans and indigenous communities in Colombia and in Latin America.”

In the meantime, Anashi is collaborating with 50 artisans from La Guajira, Colombia, who have the privilege of working from home, allowing them to earn a living without having to disattend their children and families.

Our social impact programmes are focus on:

Innovative Design Workshops, which give women artisans the opportunity to master their handicraft skills, exchange technical knowledge and experience in order to develop their artistic and creative weaving skills.  

• Boost rate of income through Leadership & Business Development to drive economic independence and sustainable growth in their communities. 

• Through Social Inclusion & Gender Equality, we seek to promote the value of artisanal techniques as a way of keeping their heritage alive and increasing social participation of women artisans in the society. 


“Promoting women’s empowerment contributes to social integration, economic development and gender equality within the society”