Anashi, or “culture” in Wayuunaiki, is an artisanal lifestyle brand founded upon a passion for its commitment to ethical trade, preservation of the rich cultural heritage and respect for authentic artisanal techniques of Colombia’s timeless craftsmanship.

Anashi creates handmade accessories of highest quality and luxurious styling that are sustainably made and ethically produced. Its mission is to share the beautiful artistic techniques of Colombia’s craftmanship with the rest of the world by implementing a sustainable and ethical fashion business model that focuses on: Fair trade, social impact & women empowerment to enhance the well-being of indigenous communities and Colombian artisans we work with.

Anashi is inspired by the intricate and colourful handicrafts of the Wayuu indigenous community of La Guajira and by the tropical essence combining artisanal handicrafts with modern, chic & fashion style, giving our brand a special touch to each piece.




The beauty of long-standing craftmanship is reborn with natural material and handmade techniques we adopt to create unique wearable pieces. 

All our products are carefully handcrafted in Colombia, using the finest materials and original weaving designs. Weaving is a significant and meaningful skill, which has been passed down through generations, as symbol of wisdom, heritage and creativity.  

“Every purchase will contribute to the social integration and economic development of the Wayuu Community of La Guajira”
With love,




keyla.jpgI am Keyla Villegas, born and raised in the Northern Caribbean Coast of Colombia, I founded Anashi in honour to my Colombian heritage, Guajira family background and the beautiful handcrafted art of the Wayuu community. After receiving my Master’ degree of International Trade and Sustainable Development in Switzerland, I embarked myself on a journey to reconnect with my Colombian heritage, especially to consolidate a strong relationship with the Wayuu indigenous communities. My goal is to empower women’s handicraft skills, through education, innovation and social impact programmes to improve the quality of life of artisans and indigenous communities I’m working with.

Anashi’s pillars are based on Fair Trade, Education, Socio-economic & Sustainable Development to empower women & artisans to become self-sufficient and most importantly, to rescue their cultural traditions by keeping their heritage alive. 

Anashi is also committed to assist indigenous communities that live through extreme poverty, illiteracy and food deficiencies that affect the social development and integration of children in the society.  

“Live your modern lifestyle and enjoy luxurious products with Anashi – the sustainable fashion label that lives faire business and loves keeping heritage alive.”

With lots of Love,